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Worship Shapes Us…

Glen is looking deep inside to understand the why of what we do what we do. Worship must be a story of US and God in our worship. Worship leaders… Are you telling the story of your salvation.


Worship… It can be more than music!

Those of us who create with music, lets look to art to add to our worship.

Those of us who create with painting or drama or movement or spoken word, you have a place in the church to use your gift to worship.

How awesome would it be if we all came together and made truly BEAUTIFUL THINGS.


We all Need a Peptalk

Thanks to Carlos Whittaker for sharing this on his blog. And now I am sharing this with you.

Create something awesome for someone. YOU WERE MADE TO BE AWESOME!


Silent Worship

For my first post back I really wish you would take time to watch this.