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So worship leaders, ever have a battle with a front of house audio tech. Over the years I have. First of all let me say the 3 techs that are part of my ministry are GREAT(Notice I said PART, more about that later). I love all three of them, so this post is not about them. It is about all of us!!! We all hear differently and all like different things.

I have came across a group (thanks to Carlos Whittaker) called! What an amazing group of people. I have been on their website and WOW! We will be utilizing thier services ASAP! They have SOOOO many great ideas.

Worship Leaders and Bands LISTEN UP! Those guys sliding those mains are not out to handcuff your creativity. They are also not being paid by the pastor or deacons to keep the noise down. If they are really their for the right reasons, they want to help you get the message of christ across. MAKE them a part of your ministry, not just those guys back there. I’m also not saying make them FEEL like a part of your ministry, THEY ARE A PART OF YOUR MINISTRY! Invite them places your band goes, invite them to pray with you before service or invite them to your devotions! Something, because if you dont include them, you are fostering an US and THEM mentality and that will never work!!

Praying for all of you tonight



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