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Music Monday: Carbon Ribs

You guys know that my taste in music keeps changing. Everyone knows how amazing the song “How He Loves” is and I think no church sings it better than mine. But that is not the only amazing song that John Mark McMillan wrote. Right now these songs are wrecking me in a good way and I want to share them with you. Tell me, what music is influencing your life right now?


Music Monday: GUNGOR

You guys know I am a HUGE Gungor fan.

And I so want you to enjoy and worship with this creative group too.

Click the CD to buy it or check it out on Itunes or

Music Monday: A little pop never hurt anyone!

Found this song and video over on Matthew Paul Turner’s blog. You may not be a fan of all his opinions but they are his and he is creating dialog and loving people no matter what, which is more than I can usually say for myself so I really appreciate his heart and love his words.

Anyway he introduced his readers (including me) to this video from Plum and the fact that I haven’t listened to her more just makes me sad. She is amazing and this song speaks OUTLOUD. Take a listen and visit both the sites to learn about two amazing people.

I Missed Music Monday but Check this out! ….

Man when I see amazing creative things, I so want to share it. Check this time-lapse video out and tell me this is not the coolest thing. The artist’s name is TSO (Terje Sorgjerd). He is from Norway, he is a photographer and his work will make you smile.

You can check his others stuff out HERE!

Take a look and expand it full screen for the full effect.

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Music Monday for my Daughter

You all know I have this girl…..

And while right now she thinks I have hung the moon. But one day we will have our trials and our problems as a dad and a daughter. So really this post is for my Abby of the future. I hope one day when she needs it most that she might come across my blog and read this page and know what am amazing Father we both have.

SO this Music Monday is for her ….

I love you Daughter,


Thanks to Randy for sharing this with me

Music Monday: Matt Redman

Simply put. New worship album by Matt Redman and the title track is just amazing. Listen to the heart of the Artist who wrote it and go pick up the whole thing!

Music Monday (2 days late but worth it)

Just want to remind you guys how amazing Josh Garrels is. Watch this and then go HERE, download his newest album. How much is it you ask…. FREE.