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Worship… It can be more than music!

Those of us who create with music, lets look to art to add to our worship.

Those of us who create with painting or drama or movement or spoken word, you have a place in the church to use your gift to worship.

How awesome would it be if we all came together and made truly BEAUTIFUL THINGS.


Wordless Wednesday


The Aurora from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

How Great is OUR God! How Small Are WE!

I Missed Music Monday but Check this out! ….

Man when I see amazing creative things, I so want to share it. Check this time-lapse video out and tell me this is not the coolest thing. The artist’s name is TSO (Terje Sorgjerd). He is from Norway, he is a photographer and his work will make you smile.

You can check his others stuff out HERE!

Take a look and expand it full screen for the full effect.

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Music Monday for my Daughter

You all know I have this girl…..

And while right now she thinks I have hung the moon. But one day we will have our trials and our problems as a dad and a daughter. So really this post is for my Abby of the future. I hope one day when she needs it most that she might come across my blog and read this page and know what am amazing Father we both have.

SO this Music Monday is for her ….

I love you Daughter,


Thanks to Randy for sharing this with me

You wreck me girl

Those eyes make me smile and I hope you always understand how amazing and beautiful you are. You wreck me!

Confession Friday: You will never guess!

OK you know I am a teacher and worship leader. Now I know you all know some pretty amazing worship leaders that are talented musicians both vocally and instrumentally. Well you can count me NOT on that list.

Here is my confession….. I cannot play a thing. No guitar, no piano, no drums, no bass. NOTHING… NO keytar, no djimbe, no bagpipes. Yes I sing and that is IT!!! Now I have a pretty good ear for music and hear the patterns of notes very well but I cannot play an instrument. Here is why I am telling you this. I am so grateful to the people of my church for taking a chance on me and allowing me to grow with them over the past 7 years. They have offered me such a large amount of grace and willingness over our time together, to worship together despite my faults.

Anyway so here is what I am doing, thanks to eBay I picked up this baby and am learning to play. So far I am owning G and C and really enjoying making a JOYFUL NOISE.

SO what is one thing we could never guess you cant do?

Creative class


I love to think about ways to boost my creativity. The biggest thing for me is creativity takes work and time. Creatives very seldom just all of a sudden have a great idea. A million other ideas had to die or be changed before the Great idea was born. So maybe you are like me and want to boost your creativity. Here are some ideas courtesy of the amazing worshiper, Tim Hughes:

1) Creativity starts with the Creator
2) To increase creativity you must explore and dig deep
3) Be willing to express your creativity
4) Experiment with your creativity and be willing rock the boat because being creative will stretch you.
5) It is ok to have critics (I needed to really here this)
6) Allow others to hear your ideas and be willing to hear their advice

So there you go. I so want to create more and better as I go through my days. What are some other ideas that help your create? I would love to see your advice.