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Confession Friday: I LOVE ……

Ok I am a BIG fan of standup comedy. And my favorite standup artist was born just north of where I live in McComb, Mississippi. Any guesses?……

I love to listen to the story telling of Jerry Clower. Now that may make me seem old but no only are his story’s about life in the south hilarious, but the creativity and pace of his story telling make the laughs all the more greater. So more than confess to you today, I want to introduce you to an amazingly creative and funny man. Take a min and laugh today!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. JERRY CLOWER.

(Click play and just listen)

You can find influences for your creativity anywhere. My question to you is in your life, who influences you?


Confession Friday: I love to travel

I LOVE TO TRAVEL and Today I am officially at the beach for the weekend. I couldn’t bring you with me so take a moment and watch this and TAKE A DEEP BREATH.

See you back on Monday with a great new thing I want you to check out. LATER!

Confession Friday: I LOVE TO BLOG

Do you guys love Unicorns? How about the Atari 2600? How about Elmer’s Glue? NO? Well you know that I love…. BLOGGING

You guys have no idea how fun it is for me to create on this blog. The idea of starting with a blank screen and creating something that people other than my mom and wife might want to read is so cool to me. But I am not a really good blogger. I try to stick to a schedule and always provide you something fresh every time you visit, but I fail at both of those so often. I never want to write because I have to and I never want you feel what you are reading is not relevant to you. SO you see the battle I, and all bloggers, face.

Well I have found a help that is changing the way I blog. It is a ebook written by a great guy named Bryan Allain. The title of the book is “31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo”. Now any book that uses the word MOJO in its title is worth my time and the fact that it is about blogging made me read it.

So I know a lot of folks who join me here are just starting a blog or have been thinking about it. Congratulations, You stop thinking about starting and get to it. You guys need this ebook. It is broken up into 31 days (see truth in the title) of short simple chapters with an idea to help your blog at the end of each day. It also helps that Bryan is a hilarious author (He told me I had to say that)!

SO guys take a minute, spend a couple of bucks and CHANGE YOUR BLOG FOR THE BETTER. Click on the links below to find the MOJO!!

31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo – Amazon

31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo – PDF Download

31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo – Nook Store (coming soon)

*Disclaimer – I received a free pdf of 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo to review, but it in no way, shape or form forced the outcome of my thoughts and opinions above.

Confession Friday: The Creative In me

In my online circle of influence, everyone is calling themselves a creative these days. While I think it is a really cool title to give ourselves, I have to confess, Creating is NOT EASY. Just applying that title to your life doesn’t make you any more a creative than saying you are POPULAR makes you have more friends. To create takes time, it takes you working at it, it takes you actually creating something.

So yes I sometime consider my self creative, but it is not because of all the great ideas I have, it is because I am willing to accept that for that ONE great idea, I have had a MILLION bad ones. But I have to be OK with the bad ideas and be willing to be told that they are BAD.

I also sometimes, when I am in that creative desert where I am all out of ideas, need that pick me up that allows me to create again. So, creative person, if you are stumped and don’t know what is next watch this or if you want to stretch your creativity this is for you…..


Confession Friday: I love…..

The Muppets!!! There I said it. I am a grown man who just loves the muppets. I have loved them for as long as I can remember. Now with a new movie coming out in NOVEMBER, they have teamed up with OK GO and made the following video. Have a smile today on me!!


Confession Friday: I really do LOVE being a dad!

I have come to the realization that I love being a dad. I love all the things involved. I also REALLY love the assumptions people make about you just because you are a dad. The best part is most of them are true. The guys of Church on the Move made this video and maybe I am late to the party but it is hilarious and its TRUE.

Gotta Go I am playing Rough and Fixing Stuff. You know how we do it’s the DAD LIFE!

Confession Friday: I AM NOT A BLOGGER

Click here to visit Artist

I love to create. I love to read. I love to write. So the idea of a blog seems like a natural thing for me. However I do not enjoy putting myself out there for all the world to read and I do not like the frustration of feeling like I HAVE TO BLOG. Also the idea of writing what I am feeling, thinking, and going through and THEN letting everyone else read it…. Well it scares the daylights out of me. I can think something in my head and that is ok with me. But once I type it out here for ME and YOU to see, well then it becomes real.

But here is the thing, blogging challenges me. Blogging makes me uncomfortable. And those are two things I desperately need. Challenges strengthen me to work harder at them and being uncomfortable brings a little bit more clarity to my surroundings by making me look at what is really going on. And both of those make me create better. And I think that makes ME better.

SO here is the question.. What is your challenge? What is something you face that causes you to be better?