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Worship… It can be more than music!

Those of us who create with music, lets look to art to add to our worship.

Those of us who create with painting or drama or movement or spoken word, you have a place in the church to use your gift to worship.

How awesome would it be if we all came together and made truly BEAUTIFUL THINGS.


Wordless Wednesday

Its almost here!

Confession Friday: The Creative In me

In my online circle of influence, everyone is calling themselves a creative these days. While I think it is a really cool title to give ourselves, I have to confess, Creating is NOT EASY. Just applying that title to your life doesn’t make you any more a creative than saying you are POPULAR makes you have more friends. To create takes time, it takes you working at it, it takes you actually creating something.

So yes I sometime consider my self creative, but it is not because of all the great ideas I have, it is because I am willing to accept that for that ONE great idea, I have had a MILLION bad ones. But I have to be OK with the bad ideas and be willing to be told that they are BAD.

I also sometimes, when I am in that creative desert where I am all out of ideas, need that pick me up that allows me to create again. So, creative person, if you are stumped and don’t know what is next watch this or if you want to stretch your creativity this is for you…..


Someone needs love and you need a THIRD WORLD SYMPHONY

Please hear my heart. I am not blogging to push my agenda or my beliefs but we need to do something different if we are going to make a difference. Today is one of those Blog post.

I have written on Wednesdays for a while about my kids and how much I love them. Well I want to introduce, or remind you about another part of our family. We sponsor a child through Compassion International and her name is Saidy.

(Click on Saidy’s picture to see other kids who need you)

We love her and she loves us. We help provide for her spiritual and physical needs and she supplies us with art and letters that are worth more than gold. She is an amazing nine year old alot like the girl that sleeps here in this house two doors down from me.

Today I want to encourage you to pray about sponsoring a child through one of the many organizations out there. We partnered with Compassion International and have loved our time being in Saidy’s life.

Another sponsor you may have heard of is Shaun Groves. He is an amazing artist, musician, humanitarian and child advocate. You have heard my heart now take a moment and listen to his as he shares his experience meeting the child he sponsors. Then go out and pick up his new album.

You know I am all introducing you to amazing music and this is no exception. And if you want to talk more about sponsoring a child leave a comment below, I would love to talk to you. If you already sponsor a child leave a comment and offer some encouragement to those who are thinking about it.


To buy Shaun’s new album CLICK HERE

Confession Friday: I AM NOT A BLOGGER

Click here to visit Artist

I love to create. I love to read. I love to write. So the idea of a blog seems like a natural thing for me. However I do not enjoy putting myself out there for all the world to read and I do not like the frustration of feeling like I HAVE TO BLOG. Also the idea of writing what I am feeling, thinking, and going through and THEN letting everyone else read it…. Well it scares the daylights out of me. I can think something in my head and that is ok with me. But once I type it out here for ME and YOU to see, well then it becomes real.

But here is the thing, blogging challenges me. Blogging makes me uncomfortable. And those are two things I desperately need. Challenges strengthen me to work harder at them and being uncomfortable brings a little bit more clarity to my surroundings by making me look at what is really going on. And both of those make me create better. And I think that makes ME better.

SO here is the question.. What is your challenge? What is something you face that causes you to be better?

Confession Friday

I seem like a pretty laid back guy but SURPRISE I AM A CONTROL FREAK. One of the things that scares me (and probably most of you) is change. I love stability and I love to know that things are gonna be the same.

I would love to move one day but I am scared to leave our families here.
I would love to lead worship full time, but I am scared my family would suffer financially.
I would love to do a million things, but fear of change holds me back.

I would …..BUT
I would …….BUT
I would ………BUT

If only I could let go and let God. SO easy to say. But for a control freak like me, SO HARD TO DO!

Why are we like that? We are so willing to follow God’s plan as long as it follows along with our plan. But when His plan changes ours we stop dead in our tracks. I need to be more willing to follow HIS plan, and I bet you do to.

Any advice?

Confession Friday: You will never guess!

OK you know I am a teacher and worship leader. Now I know you all know some pretty amazing worship leaders that are talented musicians both vocally and instrumentally. Well you can count me NOT on that list.

Here is my confession….. I cannot play a thing. No guitar, no piano, no drums, no bass. NOTHING… NO keytar, no djimbe, no bagpipes. Yes I sing and that is IT!!! Now I have a pretty good ear for music and hear the patterns of notes very well but I cannot play an instrument. Here is why I am telling you this. I am so grateful to the people of my church for taking a chance on me and allowing me to grow with them over the past 7 years. They have offered me such a large amount of grace and willingness over our time together, to worship together despite my faults.

Anyway so here is what I am doing, thanks to eBay I picked up this baby and am learning to play. So far I am owning G and C and really enjoying making a JOYFUL NOISE.

SO what is one thing we could never guess you cant do?