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I Got A Feeling that Church has gotta change!

I was recently reading Carlos Whittaker’s Blog and I came across this clip. Let me just say first of all if you are not reading his blog, go right now and read his them come back if you have time. Go ahead I’ll wait…………………………….

OK, so I came a across the following clip of the Black Eyes Peas on Oprah. After watching I was amazed.

This clip shows me that if we are gonna reach the generation in that video we gotta show them the AMAZING GOD. This generation does not want to come into church, just sit in a pew, be fed, then leave for lunch. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and they want to PARTICIPATE. We have to find a way to show them there is nothing bigger than the creator. We have to find a way to be the church they are longing to be a part of, not the one we are begging them to come to.


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