Confession Friday: The Creative In me

In my online circle of influence, everyone is calling themselves a creative these days. While I think it is a really cool title to give ourselves, I have to confess, Creating is NOT EASY. Just applying that title to your life doesn’t make you any more a creative than saying you are POPULAR makes you have more friends. To create takes time, it takes you working at it, it takes you actually creating something.

So yes I sometime consider my self creative, but it is not because of all the great ideas I have, it is because I am willing to accept that for that ONE great idea, I have had a MILLION bad ones. But I have to be OK with the bad ideas and be willing to be told that they are BAD.

I also sometimes, when I am in that creative desert where I am all out of ideas, need that pick me up that allows me to create again. So, creative person, if you are stumped and don’t know what is next watch this or if you want to stretch your creativity this is for you…..



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