Someone needs love and you need a THIRD WORLD SYMPHONY

Please hear my heart. I am not blogging to push my agenda or my beliefs but we need to do something different if we are going to make a difference. Today is one of those Blog post.

I have written on Wednesdays for a while about my kids and how much I love them. Well I want to introduce, or remind you about another part of our family. We sponsor a child through Compassion International and her name is Saidy.

(Click on Saidy’s picture to see other kids who need you)

We love her and she loves us. We help provide for her spiritual and physical needs and she supplies us with art and letters that are worth more than gold. She is an amazing nine year old alot like the girl that sleeps here in this house two doors down from me.

Today I want to encourage you to pray about sponsoring a child through one of the many organizations out there. We partnered with Compassion International and have loved our time being in Saidy’s life.

Another sponsor you may have heard of is Shaun Groves. He is an amazing artist, musician, humanitarian and child advocate. You have heard my heart now take a moment and listen to his as he shares his experience meeting the child he sponsors. Then go out and pick up his new album.

You know I am all introducing you to amazing music and this is no exception. And if you want to talk more about sponsoring a child leave a comment below, I would love to talk to you. If you already sponsor a child leave a comment and offer some encouragement to those who are thinking about it.


To buy Shaun’s new album CLICK HERE


7 responses to “Someone needs love and you need a THIRD WORLD SYMPHONY

  1. We sponsor a boy 15 years old from Nicarauga through World Vision. We also receive pictures of him, drawings & updates on a regular basis. We had a girl at first, she became too old for sponsorship & that is when we got our boy, Hazzel. World Vision works in the community where the child is located teaching them about God, providing clean water & teaching them life skills. You will spend more to go out and eat than you will each month providing for a child who needs to know about God’s love. I strongly recommend it.

  2. Steph and I love sponsoring our little girl and enjoy occasionally hearing from her. People need to now that it is so easy and you dont even notice the money out of your account with it being automatically withdrawn. Great job on spreading the word and I hope Steph and I can help in anyway possible.

  3. Guys thanks for all the clicks on todays post and to Josh and Ms. Margaret, you guys inspire me. Thanks for sponsoring and lets find ways to get others to stretch a little bit.

  4. Our 10 Compassion kids have literally changed our lives. We started sponsoring one little girl in June of 2009, thinking we’d be doing some small thing for another. Little did we know, that step of Faith flipped our lives around and finally opened our eyes to something we had never realized before. We have enough. We are truly blessed. We may be poor by America’s standards but we have WAY more than most people in this world.

    Compassion is amazing and my passion has become inspiring others to sponsor and make the most of their sponsorship by dedicating time to the letter writing ministry. Feel free to stop by my blog sometime!

    • Michelle,

      My reply some how didnt make it onto the post so I am sorry for the late response. You guys sponsoring 10 kids is AWESOME. I agree with you totally. I love the idea of what you said… “WE HAVE ENOUGH” that is so true. So glad you found my blog and I look forward to reading yours.


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