Who are you going to be?

Hey funny little kid. Hey little fella that can light up a room. I look at your smile and I see me. I see how you love on you momma and sister, and makes me want to do better. You have such a great personality, I guess you got it from me.

I just sit back and wonder, who are you gonna be? You will always be my boy, my son, the one who carries on my name. But you will also go your own way. You will chose a career, you will maybe pick a spouse, and you will make a new name for yourself. But not matter where you go, no matter what you achieve, you will always be Jeremy’s son.

The BOYSo that leads me to realize, I have got to step it up. I want the fact that you are my son to mean something to you.. I want you to be able to say that with pride one day “I am Jeremy’s son”. I want you to know that I will disappoint you and your sister sometime because well just because, but it is the goal for the rest of my life to live so that you will be proud of who your DAD is.

I love you son,



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