Confession Friday: I AM NOT A BLOGGER

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I love to create. I love to read. I love to write. So the idea of a blog seems like a natural thing for me. However I do not enjoy putting myself out there for all the world to read and I do not like the frustration of feeling like I HAVE TO BLOG. Also the idea of writing what I am feeling, thinking, and going through and THEN letting everyone else read it…. Well it scares the daylights out of me. I can think something in my head and that is ok with me. But once I type it out here for ME and YOU to see, well then it becomes real.

But here is the thing, blogging challenges me. Blogging makes me uncomfortable. And those are two things I desperately need. Challenges strengthen me to work harder at them and being uncomfortable brings a little bit more clarity to my surroundings by making me look at what is really going on. And both of those make me create better. And I think that makes ME better.

SO here is the question.. What is your challenge? What is something you face that causes you to be better?


Your thoughts heard here!

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