Confession Friday

I seem like a pretty laid back guy but SURPRISE I AM A CONTROL FREAK. One of the things that scares me (and probably most of you) is change. I love stability and I love to know that things are gonna be the same.

I would love to move one day but I am scared to leave our families here.
I would love to lead worship full time, but I am scared my family would suffer financially.
I would love to do a million things, but fear of change holds me back.

I would …..BUT
I would …….BUT
I would ………BUT

If only I could let go and let God. SO easy to say. But for a control freak like me, SO HARD TO DO!

Why are we like that? We are so willing to follow God’s plan as long as it follows along with our plan. But when His plan changes ours we stop dead in our tracks. I need to be more willing to follow HIS plan, and I bet you do to.

Any advice?


Your thoughts heard here!

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