Creative class


I love to think about ways to boost my creativity. The biggest thing for me is creativity takes work and time. Creatives very seldom just all of a sudden have a great idea. A million other ideas had to die or be changed before the Great idea was born. So maybe you are like me and want to boost your creativity. Here are some ideas courtesy of the amazing worshiper, Tim Hughes:

1) Creativity starts with the Creator
2) To increase creativity you must explore and dig deep
3) Be willing to express your creativity
4) Experiment with your creativity and be willing rock the boat because being creative will stretch you.
5) It is ok to have critics (I needed to really here this)
6) Allow others to hear your ideas and be willing to hear their advice

So there you go. I so want to create more and better as I go through my days. What are some other ideas that help your create? I would love to see your advice.


2 responses to “Creative class

  1. Things that usually work for me:

    If I don’t feel creative, I don’t force it. I’ve tried the whole ‘write/draw even if you don’t feel like writing/drawing’ thing and all it ever does is make me dislike writing and/or drawing and it takes me even longer than usual to post or draw again.

    If I do feel inspired, I jump on it. Even if what I write or draw comes out as total garbage, at least I struck while the iron was hot, and I might be able to refine the idea into something useable with time.

    I read and look at others art. Not that I want to emulate others, but sometimes my best ideas come from something I’ve seen.

    I leave responses to blog posts I read. Sometimes this is where I become most creative. In fact, responding to the posts of others often will get the “creative juices” flowing sufficiently that I end up writing a post shortly thereafter. It’s not always the case, but it does sometimes happen.

    That’s about it.

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