Are you getting stale??


So here I am in the beautiful state of Kansas. It really is beautiful here. I love being able to travel with my worship teams to conferences and this year is no exception. We have 4 of us on this trip and we are being immersed in the worship experience at the National Worship Leader Conference.

We all go through periods of being a little less motivated. We all have times where our worship can feel a bit stale. If you are in need of refreshing these ideas are for you.

– Never get over the wonder of grace.
– Thanksgiving starts the worship process and refreshes.
– Don’t allow the joy of service turn into the drudgery of duty.
– The only real TRUE motivation for ministry is love for Christ
– There is no substitute for a strong personal worship life.
– Be thankful
– Be in the word
– Schedule time to read, rest, think, and unwind.
– Sometimes we have to wait on the Lord (Is. 40), so don’t hurry.
– Spend time with people who know the real you, who will be real with you, who will pour life into you, and who you can pour your life into.

I needed to hear these thoughts today and I want to thank Ps. Buddy Owens for sharing them with the worship conference. So help me add to the list. What do you do to make sure your worship isn’t stale?


Your thoughts heard here!

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