Confession Friday

We will call today’s post CONFESSION FRIDAY (yeah I borrowed it from someone else, I have no idea who). I am not sure why I am telling you this but I imagine others out there deal with this same problem!! Maybe we should start a support group.

I love Christmas Music. See not to deep. But I know you are saying, “Dude we love it too”. No I listen to it all the time. Today is July 15 and I just listened to Nat King Cole sing Silent Night like 5 seconds ago on Pandora. See something isn’t right with me!

I love Christmas TV specials too, but I know you are saying, “Dude we love them too”. Folks me and THE BOY just watched “The Bear that Slept through Christmas” yesterday, see I am drawing him in too. So there you go. That is the beginning. Want to join me? Take a min and share your confession in the comments below and be a part of CONFESSION FRIDAY.

I head somewhere it is Good for the SOUL.



4 responses to “Confession Friday

  1. At least you just listen to it. I randomly break out into song (namely Christmas music) at odd moments for no apparent reason, embarrassing my wife to no end.

  2. I was listening to Christmas music last week too! holla!

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