Thank You, SIR!

Back on July 4th, a great blogger, guy, and Dad that I read regularly, Carlos Whittaker, made a small gesture to a group of soldiers returning home from service. I don’t mean buying a round of drinks in inexpensive. But I think you know what I mean.

He ended his post that day with this simple sentence. “Thank that old man who wears that trucker hat with his Navy numbers on it for his gift to you today.”

Fast forward to July 6th. My kids and I went out for lunch at a local Asian Buffet. As we sit down we see a man eating alone and his hat sits next to him on the table. He has it full of pins and medals and right there in front it says, Vietnam Veteran.

My mind rushes back to Carlos’ post, to all the things I tell my Juniors in class about the war and how the veterans were received. So I explained to my kids that we were going to buy that gentleman’s lunch and tried to explain to them why.

We did and he was extremely grateful. NOW I am challenging all my readers (all five of you, even you mom) next time you have to HONOR of meeting a Veteran, you may not be able to buy him or her a round of drinks or even lunch, take a moment and spend it thanking him or her for doing what so many of us have not. And then take another moment and help your children understand how important that Veteran is to them. @loswhit, thanks so much for the idea tonight and for the tears to come!

Also take a moment and head over to @loswhit’s blog to watch a FAMILY REUNITED and then watch below if you think you are strong enough to handle it.


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