We NEED Community

I’m sitting here at 1:29 am and what am I doing?

#1 Listening to Christmas Music (OK I know it is weird but that is another post)

#2 Trying to connect, through email, with people who turned in visitor cards over the past month.

And here is what is on my mind tonight…. We CRAVE community. We will do anything to belong. We will join clubs and groups and teams to belong. We will join twitter and Facebook and follow celebrities and post to their pages, hoping just to get a reply from them.

We want to belong. As churches we have got to make our fellowship something that someone would want to be a part of. Church leaders, what are we doing to make our church a place people want to be? How do we connect with our congregation and turn them into family and how do we connect with our visitors and give them a place to belong.

Here is the answer I am seeing as I serve….. Show the people that you TRULY care about them and they will care about you. That is what we have to do churches. We have to connect with people and not just on the surface.

So pastors, worship leaders, church members, family help me out. What are you doing or wanting to do to connect more with your church family and visitors? I would love to see some great ideas we can share.



Your thoughts heard here!

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