2nd Annual Mancation

I am the kinda guy who is always busy always HUSTLING (as my man Brewster would say). SO a while ago when the Pretty One was 3 or 4 I decided that I would spend one weekend each summer with my daughter. Just me and her and we would do ANYTHING she wanted and she would not hear no alot that weekend. It was a way for me to reconnect with my daughter and show her love. It was also a time for me to show her how a lady is supposed to be treated. I open doors for her, I hold her hand. All the things I want her dates to do for her one day.

THEN THE BOY came along! 🙂 And I decided to continue the tradition with him. So now each summer she gets Daddy all to her self for a weekend and so does he. On his trips we do MAN things :-)! Like be outside and burp and don’t shower (kidding)!!! No we just spend the weekend being GUYS! And in just 20 min, it is the 2nd ANNUAL MANCATION. So this weekend check out my facebook and twitter feeds and keep up with the exploits of DADDY and the BOY!


2 responses to “2nd Annual Mancation

  1. Love this you are such a great dad to your kids. What a great example you are showing how to be a good dad.

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