It is play time!

Wow tonight this random thought has hit me like a TON OF BRICKS. Why don’t I play more?

When Abby and Austin were smaller I played with them all the time. We pretended, we made up games, we played silly board games. Now we still play but not nearly enough. There is the occasional wrestle with my boy and the occasional dance with my girl. But why is it occasional. It should be REGULAR. My life’s story will not be told through how many times I lead in worship or how many games I coached on the field. My story will be told through my children. How they treat their children will be in large part because of how I treated them. I want them to play NOW, and I want to be a part of that. I NEVER want to be too busy, I have to get the sentence, “IN A LITTLE BIT” out of my vocabulary. Like a fellow blogger said recently, “to our children, IN A LITTLE WHILE really means NEVER!”

Are you like me, guys? Do you seem to put off the important things like tea parties and hide and seek for things you can do later. Our kids will only be little for a bit longer. Lets not waste it!

Anyone with me???


Your thoughts heard here!

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