Worship and Art

Here are some random thoughts as I go through the Integrity Worship Institute.  For more information on this amazing opportunity click on the picture below.

In recent church history, we have always equated music with worship.  But there has also always been the idea that the arts can be used to worship as well.  Scripture says “Sing to the Lord a New Song” and “Raise your voice all you people” and we have taken that and now we spend a majority of our “worship” services to life our voices to the Father, whether with psalms, hymns, or spiritual songs.

But we also see in scripture time after time, especially in the Old Testament, that when the people were worshiping they would use their hands to construct an altar or a place of remembrance for their worship.

Today, in our churches, we seem to value the verbal over the visual.  We understand how the Holy Spirit uses the Bible, preaching, and music to connect us. But linking art with worship gives us worries about idolatry, distraction.  We tend to think of the arts as something that belongs in a museum or galleries or the secular stage.

In my ministry, I am seeing that the arts are just another way to offer our worship.  We all are given talents and those talents are to be used so that we can worship Him even better.  It is also our job as worship leaders to give these artists the opportunity to use their gifts to worship the Father. So instead of looking just for great vocalist or instrumentalist to be a part of our worship, I have to be willing to look for a painter or sculptor to can add to our worship opportunities and to allow everyone to offer their art to God.



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