How do we define Worship?

Here are some more ideas on worship as I go through the Integrity Worship Institute.  For more information in IWI click on the picture below.

In this course and in churches all over the world, we are constantly talking about, discussing, and contemplating the idea of Worship.  But I wonder if we really are looking at worship for what it really is.

The dictionary says worship is a noun: 1) the reverent love and devotion accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object. 2) Ardent devotion; adoration. And it says that worship is most importantly a verb: 1) to honor and love as a deity. 2) To regard with ardent or adoring esteem or devotion.

Scripture also gives us some great insight on worship.  Psalms 2:11 says “Worship the Lord with reverence.” And Psalms 66:4 says “All the Earth shall worship you and Sing to you.” Our scriptures also say to Shout, Sing a new song, clang cymbals, and make a joyful noise.

What we see is that worship, while a noun, worship is most importantly a verb and an action.  We are called to do something when we are called to worship.  In my ministry I am learning that worship is so much more than singing.  Yes, God is pleased when we lift our voices to him, but He is also pleased when we lift our prayers.  He is pleased when we serve others in name. I am learning that we as the church have separated the idea of worship and serving others when it is so much the same.


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