Holding On to What?

Look at this  quote I came across during my studies for the INTEGRITY WORSHIP INSTITUTE.  It is  by by Paul Sherer and  says, “Real worship is bringing the god’s we make to bow down to the God who made us.”

That is what I lack so many times as a worship leader.  I am not willing so often to give up or give in.  Yet if I truly am going to worship that is EXACTLY what I must do.  There is a reason we sing the song, “I Surrender All”.  My problem is that is what my lips are saying but my heart is screaming, “I SURRENDER SOME”.  And I know I am not alone in this.  So many of us try to hide our selves from God or we try to give Him some and save some for a rainy day.  The problem is HE WANTS IT ALL. And more than that He DESERVES IT ALL.

So here I sit examining my life, trying to see what gods I still hold on to.  I can see the god I named control.  And over there is the god I named pride.  And right here on my desk as I type this is the god I name procrastination (AKA LAZINESS)!  I have known these guys for so long that I just assumed that was how I was, and how I was made but that is a lie!

I am a worship leader.  I lead others in the worship of a king that deserves my all.  I have to surrender all that stuff that keeps me from Him.  And I am striving to do just that.


Your thoughts heard here!

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