I’m Going Be famous!!!

Ok not really, but read on to see why that is OK!!


Read this quote I came across the other day in my INTEGRITY WORSHIP INSTITUTE CLASS:

Harold Best (Past president of National Assoc. of Schools of Music and Deam Emeritus of Wheaton College School of Music) says “Ministry and fame have become so equated with each other that it is nearly impossible to think of anything but fame if one contemplates a ministry in music.”

You know, I have to agree that there are many in worship ministry looking for more than the opportunity to worship. But after meeting many fellow worship leaders, both “famous” and not, I really think the majority of us are truly just seeking to please God.  We understand that fame is not in the cards for us.  But we get to introduce people to the “FAMOUS ONE”

The problem I have is this:  I am a bi-vocational worship leader in a relatively small church.  I understand that God has not called us to seek fame AND I don’t think I will ever be famous, but there a days that my prayer is that God allows me to pursue my passion on a totally  full time basis and still be able to provide for my family. SO truly fame is not what I am after, I am for whatever He wants of me.  But hey I can dream can’t I? 🙂

So what do you think about fame and music?


Your thoughts heard here!

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