Who needs the Holy Spirit?

Every week there are hundreds of thousands of “worship services” help around the world.  In some churches people show up at the appointed time, sing their songs, and hear a message and leave never changing, never truly worshipping their God.  What is happening in many churches is the Holy Spirit being left out of the worship equation.


We praise God for His grace, we thank Jesus for His sacrifice but we forget to give praise to the one whom:  Genesis 1:2 says was there at creation, Caused Mary to conceive in Luke 1:35, and in the book of John chapter 16, we are told He “Guides us into truth” and “Convicts us of Sin”.  The Holy Spirit’s greatest role is found in Romans 8:16, where we see He reminds us we are God’s children and belong to the Father.


There are thousands of great worship songs written every year and even more sermons given, but not one of them can impact and change a life as can the Holy Spirit.  There is no substitute for the worship that can arise in us when the Holy Spirit moves.  We as leaders try so hard to control the flow, mood, transitions of our services.  But when true worship happens, we are not in control.  We must be willing to let the Holy Spirit guide us as we offer praises to the Almighty One.  We must be willing to let the Holy Spirit sing through us as we thank Jesus for what He has done for us.


True worship, Rick Muchow says, “is allowing God to take center stage in our lives—wherever we are. When we worship together, we surrender the experience to the will of the One who alone is worthy of worship.”   When we surrender, we are allowing the Holy Spirit to change us from the inside out.  Scripture says “And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image (2 Corinth. 3:18)”. As we live our lives we are changing, either we are allowing the Holy Spirit to recreate us or we are allowing the world to destroy us.  True, authentic worship, changes us for the better and allows the Holy Spirit to be in control.


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