Advice on Worship

There are two things that are essential for being able to guide in worship in the church. I think many others have all covered the technical aspects of what it takes and some have also covered the spiritual aspects. Two other things that we as a team have to strive for are:

#1 When the “Worship” is done, was God pleased with what we brought Him? Or was it just noise? Our “worship service” is not meant to be a gathering of people who are coming to worship, but who are bringing their worship into the gathering and we are celebrating together, healing together, loving our creator together.

#2 Creating an atmosphere where the ENTIRE church can worship. It is very easy for me to pick songs that I like to sing, but we must plan a service that God would want to hear and the people can get involved in. We have to plan for a multi-generational church that loves so many different types of music. SO it is our job to provide an atmosphere where seniors, baby boomers, young couples, teenagers, and children can offer authentic worship.

Those two things sound so hard to do, but really if you are, as a church, truly seeking to please God, it can be very easy and exciting.


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