How great is God? Ask the Psalmist.

I have reached my final week in my second course in the Integrity Worship Institute. Below you will find my final reflection on the Psalms.

Psalms 119 is the longest of the Psalms and the longest chapter in the bible. In Jesus’ day children were expected to memorize the beginning portion of this Psalm. The Psalm is written as an acrostic, as it contains twenty-two stanzas of eight verses that are in order of the Hebrew alphabet. Each verse in each stanza begins with the same letter. In the verses we also see the idea of following instruction throughout. The writer instructs us to follow God’s laws, ways, His testimonies, commandments, precepts, words, judgments, righteousness, statutes, and His truths.

This Psalms may be considered the statement of the experience of a believer. The entire Psalms is written to thank God for providing his people with Law to live by and for instructing them in the ways they should go. The author uses part of the Psalm to thank God for the Torah. In the text we also see the writer pray for protection for himself because he feels he is right to follow the law even when others don’t feel the same way. He also discusses the cost of obeying, begs to gain wisdom, and asks for blessings as he keeps the law. In the text you can also see the writers wonder in how God’s words direct and guide us as we life our lives.

For me it is so easy to relate to this writer.  When I look and see all of God’s wonders, I cannot help but be speechless.  God is so amazing and we are so NOT amazing.

What part of creation just shows you how awesome God is?



2 responses to “How great is God? Ask the Psalmist.

  1. Great post man! It’s so hard to choose. I love so many things about His creation, just wish I had the opportunity to see more of it (via travel). If I had to choose, it’d be the mountain ranges of Greenland & Everest or the vastness of space.

    What’s truly amazing though about his creation is how He sees us. Despite our utter failures and screw ups, He calls us his chosen vessel. So if you were to ask God that question, He would say us… that is what is amazing.

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