Top Ten Things I learned at Disney World



We just got back from a wonderful trip to Walt Disney World and I would like to share with you what I learned:

#10 – Bring extra money so that Disney has something else to take from you

#9 – Carrying a child on your shoulders all week is the equivalent of hiking Mount Everest

#8 – A sick kid on vacation is 126% worse than if they were sick at home.

#7 – Grown people will push you over just to get a picture with teenager in a mouse coustume.

#6 – I like Jasmine (ask my wife)

#5 – Disney customer service and attention should be the norm not the exception

#4 – Ice cream with mickey ears just taste better

#3 – Fastpass is not always fast

#2 – Mouse ears never look good on anyone except mickey

#1 – Disney bag checkers love when your bag has a million zippers and compartments to open.  They really do, just ask em about me.  They were paper rock scissoring to see who had to check my bag when they saw me coming!

SERIOUSLY we always love our time at Disney. And it was great to travel with Jenn’s parents.  The memories we make with the kids are just amazing but I AM GLAD TO BE HOME! 😉



2 responses to “Top Ten Things I learned at Disney World

  1. Glad you had a fun trip. Great pictures!

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