The Humility in a Skunk

Ok I know that is not what you usually find in a skunk. But let me explain.

Tonight I was able to share with the church a message I really thought we needed to hear. And it went over GREAT! Every seemed to be challenged and everyone seemed ready to apply what we had learned. So off we go, back to the house to enjoy a quite evening with the kids to prepare for Monday. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT, it could not get any better and then BOOM out walks the Black and White menace and needless to say, he met our vehicle and unlike in the cartoons, I don’t think he is limping away!

SO here i am after feeling on top of cloud nine now sitting in a car doesn’t smell like the new car that it is and until I do something about this it will continue to smell.  And I realize I am not that big of a deal.  I am just a guy who if I get to close to the outside of my car will smell NOT NICE!

He is in control, He does it all and He does it all the time. I am just along for the ride. SO tonight THANKS GOD for getting my attention, I needed that!


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