Speaking in Psalms

I love the book of Psalms. May be it is the worshiper in me that just loves to spend time in that book. But during my current class in the Integrity Worship Institute, we are spending time focusing on the Psalms. SO my question to you is this, What are some of your favorite Psalms? Share the whole text, share a verse, share why it is important to you. What ever way you choose I would just love to hear what your favorite is!

Here’s mine!

Psalms 34 for me is the Psalm of answered prayer. In my home life I am a father of two. An 8 year old beautiful daughter and a 5 year old rambunctious boy. About 3 years ago we noticed our daughter, Abby, would lose focus and concentration a lot when we were talking to her. Her grades never suffered but when talking and in conversation she would stop mid sentence and stare off into space. Then moments later just pick up where she left off like nothing happened.

After many doctor visits, we found that Abby has a form of Epilepsy called Absance. This crushed me as a father that I could not protect her from this nor could we have prevented it. I read horror stories of trying thousands of meds and none working and so many other stories that just made us wonder why Her?

BUT God led us to an amazing doctor who prescribed just the right amount of medication on the first try and this March Abby will be seizure free for 3 years. And the Doctors say she will have a good chance of growing out of it. I don’t say that to brag because I know many parent who deal with it that don’t have the hope that we have.

Looking back on this time in our lives we now see God’s hand all over the situation from the diagnosis to the treatment to the happy healthy daughter we see today. As this situation unfolded, I came across Psalms 34 and the authors song after he too had passed thought a crisis. The main thrust of Psalms 34 is to present a reason for a person to trust God when things are bad. It speaks of living a life where God is with you and you consider him a protector and a friend.

It is because of what is claimed in this verse that I felt that He was near me and would never forget me even in times of crisis.

And God wants you to know something too.. HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!


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