Faith, Fear, Faith

If we take a look at Psalms 27, we see a writer who knows He can rely on God today because he has seen Him at work in the past.  God was the reason that the writer was able to stand firm during struggles and find assurance and faith.

Here in this Psalm we also find the writer chose “light” as his first descriptive word because all the things he has faced in the past dwelt in darkness. And with God’s help he had come through all of it with victory.

We also see the Psalmist use the term salvation.  Here he or she is describing deliverance from past or future foes. The writer knows no matter what, God is ready to go to battle for him.

In looking at verse 7, the tone of the writing changes. Here the writer feels rejected and left alone by his creator.  The Psalmist wants more access to God and yet feels far away.  He also wonders WHY God has left.

Finally, in Psalms 27, we see the writer moved from Faith to Fear and back to Faith.  The writer realizes that is better to wait on the Lord’s timing than to push for action.  How often we seek answers to our prayers immediately? How often do we expect one thing and yet God has a totally different idea.  We must be willing to wait patiently.  In those times that we feel especially far from God, is when we must look back to all that he has done for us.  Then maybe we will truly see that God is our LIGHT and our Salvation.


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