Are You Hiding?

Sin hurts us. Sin hurts those around us. Sin causes us to see ourselves for what we really are. When we sin, we hide like Adam and Eve in the Garden. I do a lot of times and I know you probably do to! But then I come across scripture that give hope to try and stop hiding.

Psalms 51 contains some of the most poignant language in all the Psalms.

The writer of Psalms 51 has seen his sin and it has caused him great guilt. He offers no excuses; he offers nothing other than total surrender as he looks to God for grace. How refreshing and how different than the Hide and Seek game I like to play.

He asks his father to “blot out” the sin like a debt that David could never pay. Only God could cancel the transgression. He then asks God to “wash away” the sin. Here he is not just asking an outward cleansing but an inward washing of the sin that haunts him. Finally he asks God to “cleanse” him from the sin. David feels that the awfulness of the sin has caused him to be impure and only God can make him right again.

David makes no desire to hide his sin. He takes full responsibility for the life that he has led and the transgressions of it. David is looking for a personal touch from God. He needs for God to restore him to the high place that he can never attain without God.

David also knows that once this sin was removed, he would be free. And being free meant he would be renewed and he would get to share what God had done for him. And he could not wait!!

What a beautiful picture. We see true willingness to allow God access to David’s life. He hides nothing from his creator and truly wants to be free. Why are we so hesitant to give God access to our lives, when he really already has it? I need to, you need to, allow God access to every part of Us. Let’s stop holding back. Let’s truly live at the feet of the FATHER.


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