Psalms 73

Check this out! I never saw this before!
In Psalms 73, we see the writer go from doubting to faith. He tells us a story in which he was struggling through a tough time in his life. He looked around him and was filled with cynicism about the conduct of others. He saw evil prosper and became jealous of those who gained. The religious teachers of the time taught that evil does not prosper yet he was seeing it happen all around him. He watched the wicked live in ease and pleasure and then passes on from this life without suffering for what they had done.
The writer then noted how the wicked were able to corrupt the masses and have them copy the bad behavior. He seems unable to cope with the success and influence of the wicked people and then begins to seek answers through his personal worship time.
It is in this time that the Psalmist learns that even though he may not know the plan God has, he must know that God is in control and will honor him. He senses a need for God and that evil will never fill the need.
The writer closes with a discussion of opposites: Those who need God must respond to him or suffer, life will have mysteries but God is on control, and a life lived for self will be nothing but a live lived in constant fellowship will be victorious.


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