S is for Saturday Night Live, C is for Cookie

I came across this video recently, and I am not sure if I am OK with this or not, not that anyone cares.  On one hand, seeing Cookie Monster on Saturday Night Live would make for very funny television and lots of laughs for me. However, using a childhood character on a REALLY adult show seems a bit off to me.  Now I am an any type of muppet fan and I always want the characters, that Jim Henson and clan created, to be successful and popular and in the public eye.  But I am not sure what my opinion is on this, I just know that part of me say YES bring Cookie to SNL and the other part of me feels that it just changes things for me. OK Here is the video, take a look and tell me what your opinion is.

P.S. I know you opinion of the video is that it is pretty funny, but I want to know what you think of putting this children’s character on Saturday Night Live.


2 responses to “S is for Saturday Night Live, C is for Cookie

  1. Personally, I don’t see a problem with it, as long as parents realise that the show is STILL intended for older audiences, despite the childhood character being on it. Also, I think the show needs to respect the origin of the character and be “nice” with it. (Compared to other hosts and characters, that is.)

    Here’s why: Consider how long Sesame Street has been around. It’s no stretch of the imagination that many of the people now watching SNL (or other “adult” tv shows) were kids who grew up on Sesame Street. Seeing characters from childhood somewhat out of context can be endearing, entertaining, and comical if done well.

    • Yeah man I agree totally.. I love the idea that they would need to respect the origin of the character. I am a huge Muppet fan. (How about you?) So the idea of them messing with a classic would worry me. Thanks again for reading and being a part of the conversation… Or should I say, starting the conversation.


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