Daddy I am Scared!

We all had fears as kids.  Maybe yours was the dark, or loud noises, or things that go bump in the night.  WELL TONIGHT Folks I share with something that I thought was the most hideous things you could ever meet in a dark alley.  Now prepare yourselves, and those of you with weak constitutions (like you Denmark, get it an ATTEMPT at a political pun) may want to avert your eyes for a moment, I will wait……………………………………………………….

Now with out further ado, I give you something that resided in my great grandmothers house that she would warn us of when we misbehaved.  This creature can strike fear into the heart of even the strongest man and to this day it still gives me the CREEPS.  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…… THE PEA EYED MAN!!!


Now yes I know it is just a old Charlie McCarthy figurine, but to me and my bothers and cousins, this was EVIL incarnate.  Ok I agree it is a little silly now, but when I was a kid you didn’t mess with the PEA EYED MAN!  SO let me ask you now, when you were growing up, what were you scared of?


Your thoughts heard here!

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