Confession is Good for the Soul!


Confession is good for the soul, or so my grandmother told me years ago.  Confession is also part of the worship process.  It is the part that frees us and allows us to remove anything that keeps us from truly worshiping.  It is also the part that we don’t talk about enough.  We love to talk about the praising and attitude of thanksgiving that we have as we worship.  But what we fail to look at is what allows us to get there in the first place.

As we come to our Father, we come messed up, screwed up and with nothing to offer.  And we come and tell our Father all the reasons we don’t deserve His love.  We tell Him all the times we failed Him, all the times we chose to deny His existence.  We come to Him just like the prodigal son.

We feel we have failed the Father.  We chose to disobey and we left our Father standing in the doorway at home as we chose our own path.  And then once we get all that we thought we ever wanted, we see that there was nothing left, no one to love us, no father to take care of us.  So finally we decide to go home and we hope, just hope that he will take us back. But what we don’t realize is, He is waiting for us to come home.  He is waiting to forgive us of that thing, that sin that we can’t seem to let go of. We will do anything to get His love, but He did EVERYTHING to give it to us.

Confession allows us to start over.  The bible says that He throws our sins “as far as the East is from the West and remembers them no more”.  Some theologians have said that the Greek, in the passage, for remember actually means “as though it never existed”.  Because of that, I am free; you are free to begin anew.  We are free to offer our thanksgiving and praise.


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