Sacrifice in Worship

In really looking at the worship process that the Old Testament believers took part in, one of the major ideas that come out of that process is sacrifice. As far as our lives, it is probably the word that many of us forget to associate with worship. We, as today’s Christians would prefer to talk about praise or thanksgiving or all the other wonderful words of worship. But for us to truly be worshipers of our heavenly father we must also include sacrifice into our ideas of what worship is and should be.

Throughout the Old Testament, believers were to use offerings and sacrifices to make amends for the sins they had committed. This system was a way for God’s people to both give back to their father a portion of the blessings they had received and a way for them to seek forgiveness for wrongs they had done. And the main theme in those sacrifices is that the offering cost the believer something.

King David, in 2 Samuel, is told by a prophet, that in order to stop a plague that is harming the nation, he must build an altar on someone else’s threshing room floor. When he arrives at the place, he asks the owner the price of the room and the owner offers the place for free. Here David makes a statement that shows how important sacrifice is. He says, “No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” 2 Samuel 24:24.

David understood what so many of us seem to overlook. Living a life of worship, if that life is to mean anything, must cost you something. A life of worship will not be a life without trouble. A life of worship will not be a life of prosperity all the time. Sometimes, a life of worship means you must be willing, like Abraham, to lay your must loved son on an altar and be willing to let him go for His glory. Sometimes a life of worship means you must step out on faith and move even before God shows you where His next step may lead. A life of worship involves sacrifice in order for this life to be a life lived for Him. Your life of worship is going to cost you something, because your opportunity for eternal life cost our heavenly Father everything.


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