Thanksgiving in Worship

The following are my insights from Unit 1 of Heavens Protocol in the Integrity Worship Institute. We were asked to discuss one Word of Worship from the New Testament. I chose Thanksgiving.

“In really looking at the worship process that we as New Testament believers take part in, one of the major ideas that come out of that process is Thanksgiving. But the idea of thanksgiving must mean more to us than just part of the songs that we sing.

Thanksgiving is a verb that means “to give thanks”. With that definition in mind, the most important part would be to “give”, or “offer” something, in this case thanks. When we as believers worship, through song or actions, we are offering thanks to God for doing something for us that we could not do ourselves. And in that moment of thanks we should be offering ourselves, giving ourselves, to God.
In the New Testament, the word thanksgiving occurs 15 times, and the definition “to give thanks” occurs 38 times. So if the writers of the New Testament, many of whom had walked with Jesus, felt that the idea of giving thanks was an important part of worship, we should do the same.

Thanksgiving is a part of the worship process that is so necessary. In Matthew 15, we see Jesus offering thanks to His father for a meal that was prepared. In Luke, we look on as Jesus heals the men with leprosy and He wonders why, of the 10 who are healed, only one returns to thank Him, to worship Him. Finally, in the last days of Jesus life, as He prepares to serve the Passover feast to His disciples, as He prepares to worship with His followers one last time, He offers worship to His father by thanking Him for the bread and the wine.

In conclusion, again, we must look at thanksgiving less as part of the songs that we sing and more as the definition says: “to give thanks. We must be willing to give of ourselves as we worship. We must be willing to allow God to have the best of us. In order to give, we must be willing to lead wherever he goes, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us. We must be willing to leave our comfortable surroundings and go and give.”


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