Inside the Worship Institute!

As you other Desperate people already know, I was blessed to receive a scholarship to the Integrity Worship Institute created by Integrity Media. This online institute’s purpose for training worship leaders is threefold: Live, Learn, Lead. And in this first session of classes, Heaven’s Protocol, we are seeing that Christian worship is guided by a “protocol,” a pathway designed by the Lord Himself to insure that believers can make their way safely into His presence.

Everything, I am assigned to do is online and I am given a week to complete each unit.

Each unit involves the following:
15 min time of worship
30-45 min video session under the leadership of Michael Coleman (president of Integrity)
10 question assessment of the video session
1 entry into a discussion board
1 reflection entry
1 entry discussing a Word of Worship

I’m currently finishing unit 2 and I have really enjoyed my time so far. The online material is easy to access thanks to a partnership between Integrity and Columbia Southern University the printed material provided to each student enhances each unit.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing with you both my thoughts on the journey I have been privileged to be a part of and what I have learn in that journey.

So if you are Desperately wanting more out of your life of worship, then you are just like me. Stick around and maybe, just maybe we can encourage each other.


Your thoughts heard here!

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