Saying Goodbye!!

I so do not want to write tonight’s blog post.

Tonight we as a family are preparing to lose: a husband to one (for 68 years), a father to 5, a grandfather to 9, a great grandfather to 8, a father in law, a grandfather in law, a friend to many, but mostly to me a Paw Paw.

My grandfather has been sick for a long while and tonight hospice has taken over his care and they are preparing us to lose him. While it may seem silly to you for somebody losing a family member to have the muppets at the top of this post, for me, as soon as I got message that time with him was short, this song came to me from my past and it says exactly what we as a family are feeling tonight.

If you are wondering, I have said my goodbyes. The last day my grandpaw was awake and able to see us, I had the chance to kneel down by his bed and look him in his deep blue eyes and say to him “I love you.” He wasn’t able speak but he looked back at me and I knew exactly what he wanted to say. And that made us both happy.

So tonight as you come across my blog, if you pray, say a word or two for us as we (and He) are all, in our own way saying goodbye.


Your thoughts heard here!

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