Today Everything Changes!

My Boy,

Today everything changes. Today you start school and a you gain a little more independence and today I loose a little more of a little boy who looks just like me. I am not ready for this but you are. I wish I could be there with you when mom drops you off to and into all these new experiences that will begin to change you, for the better.

The life you are going to lead is going to be amazing, but as you get older is it OK if part of me still longs for our nights laying in the bed, making shadow puppet and laughing till you get hiccups. Is it OK to long for the times when we had you to ourselves because from this point forward we are gonna have to share you with teachers, and friends, and coaches and on and on!

I know things have to change, and you are ready to grow but is it OK if I am not!

I love you son,



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