I am a Failure!!!

Listen to this song, THIS IS MY PRAYER TONIGHT!

I’ve been looking at my life the last few weeks and here is what I am figuring out: I love to get wrapped up in STUFF! I will say yes to anything outside our house because I like to be busy and I tend to forget what is going on here at home.

Well here is the thing. My family deserves so much more from me. They deserve a father, a tickler, a game player, a hide and seek expert, a shadow puppet maker, a spiritual leader and here I am giving them the scraps that are left over from my day. Now I don’t do it everyday but there are stretches were I think I am so IMPORTANT in the outside world that I forget what is important inside these walls.

I have an AMAZING wife and two beautiful children who could care less that I missed the bridge when I sang last Sunday and have no idea what my win loss record is in my coaching career. All they care about is that I COME HOME to them. And when I do come home that I give every cell of my being over to them so that I can fill that void from when I am not there.

Lets commit to changing this in us guys. Who is with me?


2 responses to “I am a Failure!!!

  1. I don’t have a wife of my own, but I can see myself being this way. Encouraging you to follow through. 🙂 It sounds like you know what to do.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I always enjoy meeting new people… especially fellow Followers.

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