What makes you different?

Ok so lets get real here, what are some (just some) of the things that people do not know about you……. Here is MY LIST:

1) I love the Muppets (I know but I can’t help it)

2)I love going to Disney World for vacations

3)I get cabin fever really easy

4)I am must more shy that people think, I seem outgoing with the jobs that I do but secretly I am not about being out in front of people,  I just cope with it.

5)but with #4 I also have to say that I do love to entertain and make people laugh.

6)I hate wearing shoes, bring on the flip flops

7) Jennifer and I have seen every Harry Potter movie (I hang my head in shame)

8)I have an extensive Disney DVD collection for my kids (yeah that’s right the kids)

9)Growing up I wanted to be a ventriloquist

10)I hate jumping off a diving board into a pool, I would rather just slip in slowly.

So there you go 10 things that only my wife has known about me for a long time…. OK I shared 10 of mine.  Why not share one of yours?


Your thoughts heard here!

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