The CRAZIEST boy I know

OK kid, I am on to you too.  First of all I am figuring out that you are a bit CRAZY.  I guess you can’t help it since you are MY son.  But really some of the things you do and things you say are just too funny to come out of a five year olds mouth.  And the crazy way you dance or how your eyes get big when you are excited.  You have no idea how much you have made us laugh so far in your life.  I cannot wait to see what else is next.

Now ALSO,  your mom will say that you are a momma’s boy.  Well I beg to differ, you and I are drawn to one another.  Probably because we are so much alike and probably because I can see so much of me in YOU even at this age. There is nothing better to me than tonight, like many nights before, you  climbed up in my lap to sit there for as long as you could (which is forever) and we talked and watched TV and laughed.  It is so nice to come home to a family that wants you no matter how bad a day you have had.

But make no mistake you and I are inseparable.  Now I know as you grow you and your sister will need me and your mom less and less.  But what a priviledge it is and will be that I get to be called DAD by you and your big sis for the rest of your lives.  There is no separating us.




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