LOVE EM…… Boy Do I

I know you probably thought you would see ANOTHER picture of my family.  And in a BIG way you are.  These are the 2 guys that knew me before there was a Jennifer, Abby, or Austin in my life.

May I introduce to you my brothers: Seth (in the middle) is the youngest and Jared (on the right) is the MIDDLE child. So I guess that makes me the oldest (OUCH).

I just want to tell them (and I guess you since you are reading this) that I am glad God chose to give me such great siblings.  They are both married  or marrying (in Seth’s case) great ladies and God is using these guys in great ways.

And I know it is not cool to tell your brothers that you love them but I DO! And I really cant get much LESS cool can I?  I mean in the pic above we are ALL WEARING MATCHING MICKEY MOUSE PAJAMA PANTS…… MATCHING ……………….MICKEY MOUSE ………………….PAJAMA…………………….. PANTS.  Just take a min and let that set in.

By the way thanks mom they are sooooooo comfortable….

Anyway, let me ask you, WHO IS SOMEONE YOU JUST GOTTA TELL US THAT YOU LOVE????   And please mom no need to tell  me, I know you love me, cause I am your favorite.  JUST KIDDING BROTHERS, I promise……NO REALLY I am

NO I AM NOT!!!!!!!! 🙂


Your thoughts heard here!

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