You Should Have Met Barbara

Cute kids huh?  Well tonight I want you to imagine that is a little wallet size photo, and by the way its not for you.  Read on to find out why.

Tonight around 11:00pm a sweet person, that has been in my life for all my life, left this earth and went home. You won’t know her name, or remember her for too long after you read this but I will remember her not for her accomplishments but for the love she showed EVERY PERSON she met.

Her name was Barbara Narretto, she was my mom’s cousin, and she has been a part of my family’s life long before I came along. Barbara was said to be “mentally handicapped” and while she did have her deficiencies that didn’t allow her all the things “normal” people do, I believe her “handicap” allowed her to do a lot of things that “normal” people would never do. Like smile at everyone she met, no matter your color, age, gender, or the amount of money in your pocket. If you met Barbabra, she was going to smile at you and make you smile whether you wanted to or not.

Her “handicap” allowed her to love unconditionally, she loved on my mom and dad, she loved on me and my brothers, she loved on my kids. Her love was shown to us in a Hug, a kiss, or even a punch in the arm if you picked with her, like she wanted you to do so much.

She also was given the ability to want to take a part of you with her.  She loved pictures and, for as long as I can remember, anytime she walked down the road to visit us, when she left she always wanted a picture of us boys to take with her and she was gonna get one whether mom gave her one or not. Even after I was grown with kids of my own and would go back to visit my mom, she would walk down that road, knock on that door to come see us, and before she would leave she would say, “JEREMY I WANT A PICTURE”. But she no longer wanted a picture of me, now she wanted pictures of my two sweet kids, tonight i wish I could give her just a few more. I cannot imagine the MILLIONS of pictures they will find in the coming days.

So tonight say a prayer for my family as we cry a little while, at the loss of a sweet lady who left us all better than we had been, if we had not had her in our lives.

I will miss you WE will ALL miss you Barbara! That picture at the top of the page is for you…



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