After a Day Like this…..

So today was a hard day for a lot of people in my little corner of the world.  As you know in addition to being a Worship Leader I am also a Teacher and Coach at the local high school.

Today one of our students took his own life, in his home before school.  Lots of our students are hurting and confused by this.  I knew the young man, I had coached him in Freshmen football.  He was a kind, always smiling, always joking kind of a kid and I don’t understand either.  So this post is not looking to provide answers to anyone because I don’t have any…. It is just to say… Well I am not sure of that even.

But a friend of mine, Mike Jaffery, posted an AMAZINGLY creative video on his blog (click his name to go to his blog) and the title was simply “This Too Shall Pass” (Mark I borrowed the video)

So tonight, maybe your like me and you have no answers, or maybe your looking for someone to give you answers, I wish I could help.  But I can tell you this, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”!


Your thoughts heard here!

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