A Change is coming……

I am beginning to see that change is happening.  I am not sure how this change is shaping me and my family but I REALLY see that I am not in control.  Faith is gonna be a big part of this change for us.  As we travel through this, I really want to take you with us, so don’t worry, as more is revealed to us, we will reveal it to you. And the big thing for me is I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE CHANGE IS YET!!!

SO let me ask you this, when you see change in the horizon, how do you deal with it?



3 responses to “A Change is coming……

  1. I’ll be praying for your and your family. I’ve been thinking about change a lot in my on life. Change is something that happens and like you said you have no control in it. I’m learning that every day I’ve not in control of things God is.

    • Change is something we are never ready for. It brings me out of my comfort zone and causes me to have to make decisions. And the one things I hate to do is make those :-)! Man I also got your message today about prayer and please know that I lifted you up right there in the middle of left field where I was on the baseball field!!


      • Thank you bro. Change is something that’s very hard for me as well. Like you said I as well want to control things. Most will say they are ready for Change but when it comes down to it they really are not. But God is control of it all what ever change. His hand will be in it all his hands are bigger then ours.

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