Service Disney Style

Recently Disney revealed a giant World Record Setting canned food sculpture – titled “Celebrate Volunteers” – and then promptly dismantled it and shipped it off to regional food banks.

Disney VoluntEARS shaped the sculpture with a Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto – all sculpted out of cans. Goofy’s trademark hat consisted of cans of bread crumbs, for instance. Mickey’s famous head was shaped from cans of black olives, and cans of sliced pineapple made up Pluto’s eyes.

To me this is service to others. Yes I know it is over the top and yes I know this is not a “Christian” organization, but this is service. As a Disney fan it is nice to see a company as large as Disney looking to serve others in their area.

It also makes me think how we as supposed followers of Christ seem to neglect even the simplest of service opportunities. So this week my Goal is service. Nothing big and Flashy, just service. A cup of cold water is His name is EXACTLY what some people are needing right now. So lets see where this takes me…. Anyone want to join me?


Your thoughts heard here!

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