Go Now and BUY this EP

This Gentleman above this post is named Carlos Whittaker (@loswhit on Twitter)!  He is a Worship Leader and all around Great guy.  Our man, Los, has just released a 3 Song EP and it is … WOW!!

Song #1 – Rain Down

The Rhythm  in this song is contagious and then add words to those beats and you have an amazing song for the corporate church and for you own privitate worship times (jamming in my truck).  By the way when you get to the bridge of the song, if you are not singing at the top of your lungs, you may wanna check your pulse.

Song #2 – Jesus Saves

Just the title of this song alone is enough for a Blog.  Simply put, this song, seems to be trying to convey the POWER with which Jesus lives though us and SAVES us.  And it conveys it Very well and again makes me want to roll down the window on my truck and TELL EVERYONE that “Jesus Saves”.

Song #3 – We Will Worship (to me the most singable and powerful)

The final song on this EP is We Will Worship. This song is my favorite and probably the first of these 3 that I will be introducing to congregation. And Here is why…. The words of the chorus are

“Save us from these comforts, Breaks us of our need of the familiar, Spare us any joy that’s not of you, And we will worship you.”

While listening to this song, and ESPECIALLY this chorus, I realized that the ideas in this song are foreign to so many of us, INCLUDING ME! So Carlos, if you read this, I’m sorry but I have taken your chorus and made it my prayer….

Can any of us truly say, “Father GOD make me a little more uncomfortable every day”!!! Man that is hard to say!! Anyway, go and buy this EP and let me know what you think of it…


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