I am one screwed up broken mess of a human! :-)

Ok so the title is a little off putting but really no one is reading anyway so let me be real…. It amazes me how a wonderful, perfect, holy God could look around this planet and seach it looking for….. ME.

Me the dude who continually fails to stop sinning. Me the dude who can loose his temper in seconds. Me the dude who just can’t stop screwing up???? Paul had it so right in Romans when he wrote, “I do not understand what I do. For what i want to do I do not do, BUT I do what I HATE to do! For I do not do the GOOD I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do I KEEP ON DOING…..Thanks be to GOD, who delivers me thought it by Jesus Christ Our Lord!”

So to paraphrase…. Paul hates to sin, Keeps on sinning. Paul tries hard not to sin, Keeps on sinning. Paul thanks God that he delivers him.

Man that is me. I am a screwed up, broken, mess of a dude and yet GOD knows my name, PERSONALLY. He knew me before the creation of the world. He knew my name!!!!!

Now this doesn’t give me a free ticket to sin or want to sin. But here is the thing, I AM GONNA SIN because I am not GOD!

SO I will continue to be a screwed but man, BUT GOD WILL CONTINUE TO BE GOD!

WHEW that takes a load off of my mind!


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